1. Ecstacy

From the recording Potential Love - EP

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Riding down in my trans am
PCH with you in one hand
Filled smoke up in our lungs
A night out on the town
Make us feel alive again

Wanted a big adventure
Yearning to find a home
Let me show you all possibilities
With me, you can let it go

I take your love
you’re my ecstasy
Caught in the moment feeling great
Here’s to never giving us up

With you there’s always hope
Caught in transcending beauty
Makes me weak every time
Never knew what you’d mean to me

Can we stop this judgement
Let’s live in the moment
Safe to say you’re stuck in deep
Safe to stay here blessed with me

Coming down from this high
Talking stories, making alibis
Carry on with playful intention
Didn’t know we’d light this spark
Now this is our salvation
Turning heads , making paper
Going out with a bang
It always ends up the same

Walking side by side
Hand in hand, were never alone
Trust the power of manifestation
Call it out to the universe
Let us be known
To all who was opposed
Take into action what I’m fighting for
And cherish you evermore